GCSE food preparation and nutrition

Specification at a glance

There are six main subjects that are covered food and preparation:

-Section One, Food preparation skills

-Section two, Food, nutrition and health

-Section three, Food science

-Section four, Food safety

-Section five, Food choice

-Section six, Food provenance

Food Nutrition & Health


-Students must know the highs and lows biological value proteins.

-Protein complementation alternatives. For example, textured vegetable protein, soya and tofu.

What Students must know and Understand

-The functions

-Main sources

-Effect of deficiency and excess

-related dietary and reference values

Suggested Application and Food Preparation Skills

-Modify recipes for vegetarians

-Knife skills for meat, fish or their alternatives

-How acids denature and coagulate protein

-Make a bolognese sauce using meat or a meat alternative such as soya.

Summary of assessment

summary of assessment

Skill One, Food Preparation Skills

Weighing and measuring

Conversion tables

  • some recipes, contain metric [grams] and some use imperial [ounces].
conversion table

Skill 2, Knife skills


-Filleting knives, thin, flexible narrow blade used to fillet fish.

-Cook's knife, large general use knife deep blade used for cutting, chopping slicing and dicing

-Bread Knife, a large knife with a serrated blade which is used to slice bread, cakes and pastries.

-Carving Knife, a long thin bladed knife used to cook meats and cold meats.

-Paring knife/ vegetable knife, a small multi purpose knife, mainly used for slicing and dicing

-Corer, is used remove the core from fruit, such as apples, pears and pineapples.

-Peeler, is used to take off outside skin of fruit for example, apple skin or or the outside of carrots.

Skill 3: Preparing fruit and vegetables

-Fruit and veg are edible plants

-Key Terms in preparation