GCSE Engineering

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Created by Sonny Sykes, Cole Thompson-Donn, Asten Quinton, Sam Bentham, Sabaa Monks, James Hyde, Jack Kerry, Junior Rennie.

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Our expert is Andy Jackson

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Engineering is mainly a complicated subject, with many forms and specialities.

Why choose AQA for GCSE Engineering?. Engineering is an increasingly innovative and exciting area to work in. It affects every aspect of life today– from skyscrapers to smart phones, cars to carrier bags. Our new GCSE introduces students to a host of new technologies, helping them to gain practical skills and understanding to inspire a lifelong interest in engineering. It will particularly appeal to those who enjoy being creative, with an affinity for drawing, design, maths and problem-solving. Whilst this is a new qualification, you will see we have kept much of the popular content and topics that we know you like. We have also maintained the clear structure to our assessment using a mixture of question styles, giving all your students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.