Welcome to the XP Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme website for students, parents and staff.

The DofE Mission is:

‘ To inspire and support young people in their self-development and recognise their achievements.’

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme?

It is a programme of activities within 3 different levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold, aimed at young people aged between 14 & 25 through experiencing 4 different aspects of development including a skill, volunteering, a physical activity and an expedition.

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At XP, we connect with the world.

This means that we provide authentic opportunities for our students to engage with the world outside the classroom. As well as the academic learning expeditions, we provide at least one outdoor expedition per year for our students to connect with the natural world around them.

In Year 7

We go Outward Bound at either Aberdovey or Ullswater for a four day expedition on the first day at school with the guiding question, "What is Crew?"

In Year 8

We have an outdoor expedition (OXP) in the first week of term consisting of water activities, hiking and other crew activities. The guiding question is, "Where am I?"

In Year 9

We complete the DofE Bronze Award. This consists of students engaging in a Skill, a Physical Activity and Volunteering for at least one hour per week for three months. Students then complete an outdoor hiking expedition in their Crews which consists of two days hiking and one night camping.

In Years 10 & 11

We complete the DofE Silver Award. Students continue on their DofE programme of a Skill, a Physical Activity and Volunteering for six months. Their expedition can be canoeing, cycling or hiking and the students negotiate their expedition crew. The expedition lasts for three days and two nights.

In Years 12 & 13

Students can work towards their DofE Gold Award. This involves continuing with a Skill, a Physical Activity and Volunteering, an expedition in wild country of three nights and four days, plus a residential. The residential is doing a shared activity with people you don't know for five days and four nights!

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