XISS in partnership with UNICEF, Jharkhand

Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi has joined hands with UNICEF, Jharkhand to provide technical support for Social and Behavioural Change Communication (SBCC) activation at district level to augment Covid-19 response for 2nd wave of the pandemic.



COVID-19, or more popularly known as Novel Corona Virus, is associated with the respiratory disorder in humans which has been declared as a global epidemic and pandemic in the first quarter of the year 2020 by the World Health Organization. Crippled almost all counties including India.

India in 1st wave

As a precautionary measure, India followed lockdown since 22 March 2020, which was a one-day lockdown, followed by a 21-day lockdown after two days. Impacted older age group the most. Peaked in September 2020. From January onwards, vaccination drive started but only for Front Line Workers and 60+ citizens and later for 45+ age group.

India in 2nd wave

2nd wave that started in April 2021 has been dreadful. It paralyzed the entire health system-lack of oxygen, scarcity of doctors and vital medicines. The explosive surge in cases rose to even 4+lakh cases a day. Hundred and thousands lost their lives each day. Vaccination ramped up and opened for 18+.

Vaccine Promotion

The introduction of COVID-19 vaccine is a major step towards reducing the spread of the pandemic and further reducing the associated disease and deaths.

  1. Vaccine Eagerness

  2. Vaccine Hesitancy

  3. Information on potential risks and mitigate unintended crisis (AEFI etc)

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Covid Appropriate Behaviour (CAB)

While the vaccine is an important part of COVID-19 protection, it is important to emphasize the continued practice of COVID Appropriate Behaviours or CAB, even after getting vaccinated. Therefore, promoting and sustaining CAB is vital. Learn more

Mask Use

Handwashing with soap/ use hand sanitizer

2 Gaj ki Doori

Prompt Testing

Prompt Self Isolation

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