XINTCglobal develops, produces and markets industrial Smart Alkaline Electrolysers (SAE) for the production of hydrogen gas for any application and at any location in the range from 500kW to 50MW in compliance with applicable technical standards. The powerful electronic controlled gas module is designed for dynamic operation with high efficient production and an atmospheric to 30bar (435PSI) output.

[Figure: Gas module]

A favorable energy conversion rate (kWh to kg H2), long life, minimal maintenance, ease of operation, and future-proof (expandable) are key values of the XINTC electrolyser installations. The system vision is based on customer configuration rather than on engineered solutions. Due to standardization and modularity, the installation scales up almost infinitely to any desired production capacity.

Gas modules are composed of a gas and liquid-tight plastic core in a protective stainless steel housing. Eight modules together form a string and share a common supply and discharge system. The electrolysis process of any module runs at its optimum operating point, by use of modern electronics. Our patented technology, a sophisticated design and a sensible choice of materials ensure a reliable installation with excellent life cycle performances.

XINTC's Smart Alkaline Electrolysers (SAE) come as stand-alone systems or as containerized installations. Each containerized configuration comprises a service station and one or more connected production stations. All gas modules are situated in the production stations, each of which can accommodate up to 1.5MW capacity.

[Figure: SKID overview]

The service station houses process control, most of the power electronics including power management, the feedwater pre-treatment unit(s), electrolyte dosing device, and a dedicated gas conditioning facility. These shipping containers can be placed adjacent to each other as well as on top of each other.