#Xanon Page

To begin again, is to gain new insights.

Words are important. They matter.

When beginning the "X" project, I had no expectations that it would go anywhere.

I was right.

But now you can help me change this.

Begins as a community site hoping to foster intelligent discussions around how the World Wide Web is affecting our culture.

Recently I added a "subscription" price for access to the site.

This is planned to be a decreasing amount.

The first 100 serious people will be the future moderators. Their pricing will be reduced as they will be earning their keep on the site.

Other planned reductions will be based on how much you participate or your ability to go up another level, based on participation.

I chose the pricing and number of people so as to balance what the server space will cost me, plus how much I need to live on in order to admin this community site.

Plus $69 is a cool number.

I expect this to be a large community of eXtraordinary humans.

I hope to not be dissapointed.

Thank you for your consideration and let's get busy.

My alter ego, who tries really hard to get things going.

My main goal is to quickly fade back into the background and properly admin a real community site.

You know, one with actual rules that are enforced.