Spiller Elementary Library/Media

Spiller Elementary Library is temporarily closed for in-person check outs but we will begin drive-through check-outs Sept. 8! Access the link at the side and email the form back to Mrs. Aker! If you have library books, please bring them back on your visitation day. You will also have access to the SORA app very soon which will enable you to download digital books for a time and access to digital books from the Wythe County Public Library using your student ID (lunch #). We want our students to READ, READ, READ! Readers are leaders!

Remember to access many websites such as ReadnQuiz, IXL, Destiny Quest (to search for available books), just go to the Spiller Homepage and click on Student Resources, or click here. spilles.wythe.k12.va.us/Students/student_resources

Meet our librarian!! Kim Aker. She is a veteran teacher beginning 25 years, in her fourth year as a librarian! She loves books and kids and reading books to kids, so it's a perfect fit! She's a mom to four men, (some who loved to read and some who didn't), so she's made that her goal-to help each student find books they do love. Her granddaughters already love books and her newest grandson hopefully will too!

Mrs. Aker with Meg Medina, author of Mango, Abuela and Me and Tia Isa Wants a A Car

Mrs. Aker with Eric Litwin, author of Pete the Cat & The Nuts books

Mrs. Aker with Baby Mouse from the Baby Mouse series and Mother Bruce!

2019 HOLIDAY HOOPLA! 10 stations of makerspaces, snacks, Santa, writing and stories! Great family night!

MAKERSPACE...heard that word? Creativity is back in action in many classrooms and in the library! Grants have provided many resources. Ask your students what they have made lately!

Local Author, Reggie Grubb, shared one of his new books Where the Wind Blows with Pre-K - 1st graders last year!

THIS YEAR, SPILLER AND WYTHE COUNTY HAS MADE AN EFFORT TO HELP OUR STUDENTS ENTER THE CODING WORLD! Computer programming is one of the highest demanded careers. This opens students to many job choices, especially girls! Free coding programs are available on code.org, scratch and scratch Jr. Ask your kids to show you how they do it!

Reading Challenge

Set a personal challenge for yourself this year. Can you read 20 books? 30? 50? Or more?

Parents read to and with your children of any age. Let them see you reading. They LEARN from you!

2nd graders are invited to participate in the Magic Tree House Challenge-beginning in September 2020! Students who read one book from each of the 7 continents, and take a Read n Quiz, earn a special prize!

Want to know if a book is an on the READ 'N QUIZ lists? You can find out by going to www.readnquiz.com. You will need to enter the complete title of the book or the author's name and click Find a Book. This is a new, less expensive program than AR but has similar attributes. And please remember that not all good books are RQ books and that is OKAY! Read for enjoyment!

COME SEE OUR MAGIC TREE HOUSE built by WCTC's Building & Trade department. Our kids are super excited to have a cool place to read!

Who is your favorite author?

Have you read all of their books yet? Can you find others that are similar to the genre you enjoy? Ask your librarian or a teacher to help you with other titles.

NEW BOOKS ARRIVE FREQUENTLY...you can request books as well!

A Quick Tour of Reading Stations