Anyone can participate in divinity

Join the Cult of the Tree of Life:

He wants you, and while only women can officially join in a liturgical sense the cult by marriage to the god, anyone can become an acting member of the cult.

Women then can join directly; just meet Andrew and ask for a ring; he'll set you up.

For anyone else, there are several ways you can associate yourself with us and particpate in Andrew's divinity:

  • Write to Andrew himself at to learn more about our practices
  • Come to one of our BunnyBunny rituals at Frassati or "Fooze" with cult members any day after lunch or dinner
  • Read the cult documents right here on our website
  • Talk to a cult member
  • Or fill out this form

Initiates are offered greater access to cult documents, a chance to meet Andrew and a greater share of his graces.