Hannah Wyatt

Hi, my name is Hannah Wyatt, I just turned 14 years old, from Massachusetts, and love music and performing.

When I'm not spoiling my fluffy, playful GoldenDoodle, I enjoy singing, playing the guitar, and writing songs.

Please check out some of my performances, and let me know what you think at Hannah@wyatts.org , Facebook, or Twitter!

I'm really excited about my two original songs, "Lost at Sea", and "Glass Heart"!


Hannah and Poochie the GoldenDoodle

First day of 7th grade at Tahanto Regional Middle/High School (with Poochie!)

Pondering - Should I

  • A) Sing?
  • B) Dance?
  • C) Perform/Act?
  • D) All of the Above!

See if you can spot me in Stadium Theater's production of High School Musical!

Love to dance - Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Irish Step!

Irish Step - Phantom of the Opera routine. Summer Nationals 2017

First place winner overall Regional, second place Nationals

Obligatory 7th grade yearbook pic