I am seeking your vote and support for a seat on the Chelsea School District Board of Education on Nov. 8.

With over two decades of success as a higher education faculty member and administrator, a strong record of collaboration in diverse environments, and a commitment to supporting all students in their academic, social, and emotional development, I am uniquely qualified to serve.

My collaborative approach, direct and honest style of communication, and kindness to all would be in service to all stakeholders (students, families, teachers & paraprofessionals, staff, administration, local businesses, and the Chelsea community).

My Background

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and consider my candidacy. My name is Dr. Glenn Fox, and I am seeking election to the Board of Education for Chelsea schools.

I am a father of two boys (Kush & Shiv) in Chelsea schools and am a loving husband to Dr. Aditi Fox. I direct the Anatomical Donations Program and am faculty at the University of Michigan Medical School. I am a University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) educated (Ph.D., MS., & BS.) educator and research scientist with decades of experience teaching, administration, mentoring students and employees, and building open access public resources for anatomical education.

My professional experience involves productively working with people and stakeholders of various backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. I have a proven record of administrative success, especially in high-level curriculum coordination, curriculum design, collaborative teaching, and organizational success.

My wife and I fell in love with Chelsea and moved here for two reasons: 1) the quality of the schools & 2) we wanted to raise our children in a small town where they would benefit from a strong community. We could not imagine a better place to raise a family and I would like to invest my time and energy to help Chelsea schools and students reach their fullest potential.

My Curriculum Vitae (academic resume)

Campaign Values & Platform

Chelsea School District is a top 25 district in the state with a wealth of effective teachers, staff, and administrators supported by families and the Chelsea Community. The Chelsea community engages to support our district and the successes of its learners. Decisions are data-driven and guided by experts.

My priorities focus on maintaining our current successes and improving upon opportunities for growth, and they include:

  • Support for teachers, paraprofessionals, staff, and administrators

  • Evaluating CSD’s recruitment processes to continue to attract the best, brightest workforce

  • Maintain and grow our culture of academic and occupational preparation excellence

  • Maintain an environment of belonging, diversity, equity, and inclusion among students and employees

  • Support the CSD’s Portrait of a Graduate

  • Support for wellness

    • Support for athletics

    • Support for the arts

    • Support for extracurricular & travel opportunities

    • Mental health

    • Substance abuse prevention

    • Food & essentials support for vulnerable children

  • Encourage and support community engagement

  • Develop short, medium, and long term finance plans that meet district needs, support district values, and position the CSD for long term success

Belief Statements

I find happiness and fulfillment in service to others, and I am guided in my campaign for a seat on the Board of Education by the following values and beliefs:

  • I believe excellent public education is part of the foundation of a free and successful society

  • I believe schools should be welcoming, inclusive places of learning and social and emotional development

  • I believe in the strengths of diversity and treating all people with kindness and respect

  • I believe in Chelsea teachers and other professionals and want to support them to the best of our community’s abilities

  • I believe the Board of Education serves a variety of stakeholders and that through honest and open communication decisions may benefit all

  • I believe we should support and open opportunities to Chelsea students