Harwood Unified Union School District


Mentoring Matters


Mentoring is an essential component of the preparation and induction of new educators. It is fundamental for the continuum of professional preparation, development and leadership.

Research shows that when mentoring is done well, it improves teacher effectiveness, increases student learning, reduces educator turnover and improves school climate.

Mentoring at HUUSD is a structured and rigorous program that pairs a mentor with an educator who is either new to the profession or new to the school.

Mentors provide mentees with professional guidance and support through observation, reflective coaching, and professional dialog in order to improve teacher skills and practices and, therefore increase student learning.

Mentors are experienced educators who have demonstrated high-quality instructional practice and who are trained in mentoring.

All teachers new to the profession and new to HUUSD join a two-year program. Teachers new to HUUSD or changing their area work with a mentor for the first year. Special educators are mentored in a separate program, administered by the Director of Student Support Services.

Danielson’s Framework of Teaching is used as the centerpiece of the mentoring program,

and also serves as the evaluation model in the district. The mentee is observed at least twice during the year by the mentor, and is also encouraged to observe other teachers to gather information on the focus area for improvement.

All documents generated by work with a mentor belong to the mentee. This work is confidential, handled with discretion, and is completely separate from the evaluation process.

In May, mentees receive a certificate reflecting 30 hours of professional development for successful participation in the program.

Teachers who enter the program mid year receive a prorated amount.

2018-19 HUUSD Mentoring Program Brochure.pdf