Super Hero of the week

Dr. Thumb Crust

Yosh ComicsĀ®


L.W.S. (Lone wolf Society)

The Motivator (Right)

Uses motivational powers and stickers, to cheer people up. Can also motivate cells to hyphen, causing them to explode.

The Bunny

Tells kids to eat their veggies. Has carrot bazookas. Isn't very friendly to the big one creemee because he always makes kids eat junk food.


Her hair is uncontrollably heated, it's almost as hot as the sun's surface (9,941 degrees Fahrenheit). She has to have a special hat that will cool it down. When angry, she'll pull off her hat and anyone around her will get burnt to a crisp.

T.H.H. (The helping hands)

The Doctor

Has Electric powers and can heal anyone he cares about. When he shocks something, it can disintegrate into nothing. When angry, he has to hold it all in, otherwise, He could emit a huge electric explosion, causing the world to split.

The Lotus

Gives people hope, can turn villains into good guys temporarily. When all is going well, she can make people turn into their inner hero and fight with the heroes.

Rapid-fire (Left)

Has super-speed and firepower. Metalinator's brother. He can run at most, 753 mph. He shoots fire plasma at villains which reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Metalinator (Right)

Can turn anything into metal. Rapid-fire's sister. When angry, she can create an explosion which turns anything into metal within her proximity.

The Cardinal

has natural wings. He picks up bad guys and drops them from dangerous heights. When he gets mad he can slap concrete with his wings, and cause it to break.


Can make bottles. Gets his power from VOSS water. When he drinks VOSS water, he can make a 100 liter water bottle. He is unable to flip a bottle regularly. Somehow, it always caps.


her hair is frozen to keep it from stretching out. When she was young, her parents didn't want her, and magically, her hair did everything for her.


I.N.S. (Industructable nonstop slaughterers)


Makes people cry and sob with reverse motivational powers. Can break things into themselves by Reverse hyphening cells. When angry, he break down an entire building.

Doctor Thumb Crust (Tom Crumb)

His thumbs are very crusty, his signature move is the thumb crust neck-slice. When angry, he can also pull off the toe crust tongue slice, instantly killing his victim of repulsiveness.

The Beat

Has music powers. 'Beats' people with ear-splitting music. When angry, He can explode people's ears.

The Generator

Can Generate electricity into anything, causing it to explode. He gets recharged at power plants and buildings, but when he gets overcharged, he emits a huge electric plasma around him. Which electrocutes anyone around him.

The Money Maker

Can detect money, and can magnetize coins to himself and make weapons and shields. Can make a huge storm of coins, which will pelt anybody in his proximity.

C.S.W. (Completly Savage Warriors)


Can Stop people's breathing. She usually lets them live, but if she gets mad, she turns savage.

The Virus

Good at hacking into tech. Connects killer virus's into peoples technology. Some virusus can zap anything around the proximity of what he hacking into. And he can make devices blow up with a frequency button on his right arm.

the Dinosaur

Has a very spiky tail, that can break 2 sheets of metal. Also can bite into almost every thing. When mad he turns into a savage beast and can grow up to 4x his original size.


Has Aks under his left sleeve, and multiple swords and throwing stars under his right sleeve. He also has a pop up door on the back of his shoe were he stores grenades. And has an invizible bazooka strapped to his back under his jacket.


Her sister is Storch. She can pick up to 35 times her weight (143 lbs). When She gets mad, her hair grows out to 12 feet long and when hit, can severely cause brain damage.