Westwood A Cappella

Westwood Regional's Premiere A Cappella Group

2017-18 Rehearsals


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Advisor: Joseph V. Fritz

(201) 664-0880 ext 2162

2017-2018 Westwood A Cappella Roster

Theresa Abou-Daoud

Gabby Dunay

Natali Muñoz

Nathaniel Ouellette

Taylor Andresen

Jordan Hinds-Clarke

Natalie Pira

Damon Vincenty

Michele Atkins

Ben Lashley

Rachael Steinfeld

Michael Vincenty

Jackie Capone

Erika Lucas

Jenna Vallario

The first rehearsal is on Monday at 6:00 pm in Campbell Auditorium. Please bring a copy of "I Really Don't Care" and if you have a copy of "Send My Love" from the 2016-2017 season, please bring that as well. Be ready and prepared for each rehearsal and I am excited to see where this season brings.

If you have any questions or concerns about the auditions, please feel free to come talk to me in person and I can give you information regarding your audition. Thank you!

Just a reminder: if you were not accepted into the group this year, it does not mean you are a bad singer/performer. There were fewer spots to fill this year and based on the auditions, this is the best group we saw. Please don't let not being admitted into the group, discourage you from singing or auditioning in the future! Thank you!

Solo Results

Solo: Theresa Abou-Daoud

Small Group: Natali Munoz, Taylor Andresen