Elementary School Handbook

"Excellence in Education"


To provide excellence in education through rich and diverse learning opportunities, enabling students to exercise intelligent control of their future.


The vision of the Westwood Regional School District, serving the diverse communities of the Borough of Westwood and the Township of Washington, is to provide a sound and comprehensive education. This educational process will ensure that our students have the knowledge, skills, and experiences which will enable them to make future life choices. It is a long-term goal of the Westwood Regional School District that each student will use this knowledge, these skills, and these experiences to reach his/her potential and thus become an actively contributing, productive member of the global community.

Westwood Regional District staff believe:

  • Children are our community’s most valuable assets, and each individual has inherent worth.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the school, Board of Education, family, government, and community.
  • Children learn at different rates and in different ways; therefore, it is necessary to address the individual needs of each student.
  • Students should be empowered to be productive, responsible, self-directed individuals who respect and appreciate diversity.
  • Lifelong learning is essential for success in a technologically changing society.
  • All children have the right to a safe, positive, and respectful learning environment.
  • Self-esteem is directly related to success.
  • Our schools should instill a spirit of pride, accomplishment, and growth in our students.
  • It shall be our purpose to develop a community of learners.
  • A sound and comprehensive education produces literate and organized individuals who are effective problem solvers, critical thinkers, and competent users of technology.