GOAL #5: Technology

Continue to incorporate, infuse, and improve technology to enhance curriculum and further student instruction.

Develop an age-appropriate contemporary (blended) curriculum that provides students with a significant edge as they prepare for the real world (situations)

  • Integrated as part of the 5-Year Curriculum Development Plan (and Goal #3)

Improve digital citizenship based on courtesy, content, communication, and adaptable or transferable skills

  • Assess and improve, if necessary, integration of these skills into curricula and instructional practices
  • Configure filters to provide feedback so students learn when their content does not show good citizenship
  • Provide managed, monitored opportunities to practice digital citizenship (such as email within the district only or within a small group)

Create 1:1 initiative starting with the high school

  • Determine device acquisition and possession model (pure BYOD, district-provided take-home, district-provided stay-in-school, hybrid, etc.)
  • Research and implement Mobile Device Management and other infrastructure needs to ensure personal and property security

Excel in collaborative learning situations that incorporate STEAM, 1:1, and PBOs (problem based objectives)

  • Continue to implement the district’s new plan for developing progressive curricula (and Goal #3)