GOAL #4: Culture & Climate, Citizenship & Community

Create an inclusive environment that promotes social awareness and responsibility.

Provide learning experiences or volunteer opportunities for students within our communities (with stakeholders, senior citizens, food bank, etc.)

  • District personnel will introduce non-traditional learning opportunities, including internships and volunteer experiences for Jr./Sr. High School students
  • District will coordinate a career day for all secondary students
  • District will offer a job/vocation fair to demonstrate possible opportunities in local communities

Increase age appropriate student leadership and mentoring opportunities that address student interest through self-motivation and self-direction

  • Provide experiential opportunities for elementary students
  • Develop opportunities for student-led community service projects that help facilitate lessons regarding social issues
  • Form partnerships with local businesses and community organizations to afford students the ability to engage in job shadowing

Apply knowledge and skills of the school community’s diversity to advance appreciation of all stakeholders.

  • District will coordinate and promote cultural awareness for all students
  • Increase opportunities and outreach for bringing diverse members of the school community into the classroom