Goal #2: Safety, Security and Facilities

Our school community will feel safe, secure, confident and proud to interact or work together in a productive learning environment.

Create a “true middle school” (grades 6-8)

  • Expand the current middle school facilities to include space for grades 6-8 (or 5-8)
  • Maximize space in 9-12 High School with the removal of the 8th grade.
  • Address availability of class space at elementary schools

Modernize and upgrade the physical facilities

  • Review and update the district’s Long Range Facilities Plan
  • Review and update projects on facilities planning document to include interior and exterior areas of district facilities

Encourage an innovative learning environment through structured design (i.e. “creative classroom”)

  • Identify and implement key design components of 21st century classrooms

Further enhance security district wide and continue to foster a safe and supportive learning environment

  • Process and procedural review
  • Create collective culture of responsibility for school security and safety
  • Facilities upgrade and fortification