Goal #1: Health and Wellness (Social Awareness)

Create holistic approach to education through mind, body and spirit.

Increase mental health awareness

  • Teach stress management techniques and provide opportunities for students to learn how to manage school/life balance through classroom and school counseling activities/lessons
  • Promote an inclusive environment for all

Establish and enhance a positive climate and culture between students and staff

  • Offer non-traditional professional development opportunities to promote a positive classroom and school climate
  • Promote activities and opportunities for postive student / staff interaction in a non-traditional environment

Promote physical fitness and nutrition through instruction and application

  • Empower students with the knowledge to make good decisions regarding health and wellness
  • Establish a Wellness Event at each of the schools

Enhance substance abuse education for all stakeholders through various channels.

  • Promote an articulated vision for the Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) by offering targeted programming regarding the awareness of substance abuse
  • LEAD Program for student education in grades 6-7 and make adjustments of the district health curriculum

Engage students in diverse opportunities that support student interests K-12 (beyond sports)

  • Assuring consistency in club/program offerings in the elementary schools
  • Assuring that the clubs and activities being offered to our students meet the needs of our current students