Mr McGuirk's English Classes

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Summer Reading Assignments:

English II Honors Summer Assignment

English II CP Summer Assignment

For all classes, you will need a notebook and a pen & pencil. A 3-ring binder with paper is recommended, but you can use whatever kind of notebook you prefer.

Parts of an Essay:

It is strongly recommended that you download and read this packet in order to familiarize yourself with the expectations of an analytical essay. The packet also includes helpful tips and strategies for academic writing in English and other subjects.

Download the packet here

2018-2019 Schedule:

English II Honors - Period 1 - Room 216

English II Honors - Period 2 - Room 215

English II CP - Period 3 - Room 216

English II Honors - Period 7 - Room 215

Creative Writing (S1)/Film & Literature (S2) - Period 8 - Room 215

Make-up Work Due Dates:

All work for each quarter assigned before the dates below must be completed by 3:00pm on the date listed:

  • MP1 - November 1
  • MP2 - January 17
  • MP3 - April 2
  • MP4 - June 12