Parents Music and Arts Group

Serving the Music, Theater, and Arts Parents and Students

Important Dates/Info

Ashley Farms Fundraiser Kickoff 9/6

First Football Game 9/6 @7pm HOME against River Dell

First PMAG Meeting Wednesday 9/26 @7pm in the band room

Welcome to the Westwood Regional High School Parents Music and Arts Group (PMAG), formerly known as Parents Music Group (PMG).

We are a group of parents whose students participate in the Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) department’s many classes and activities, including Woodington Players, Band and Chorus, National Art Honor Society and more. Our goal is to provide support to the VPA department and its teachers.

PMAG annual dues are $20 and membership enables students to fund raise and receive credits to defray costs for their trips, supplies, and other expenses.

How does PMAG help our students?

  • Ashley Farms September 2019

  • Robert Nubel Memorial
  • William Verost Memorial
  • PMAG Choir/Color Guard
  • Jeremy Nulton Memorial
  • Art Scholarship

"Financial Support"

  • Equipment for Band
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Art Dept. Equipment
  • Field Trips
  • Workshops

  • Supporting Trips
  • Art Supplies & Equipment
  • Paying Dues ($20/year)
  • Marching Band Uniform Shoes

Join the Parents Music and Arts Group Today!

As a member of PMAG, your annual dues of $20 support activities and special purchases outside of the school budget, including field trips, workshops for the students, and annual scholarships. If your child is a member of a Visual and Performing Arts class or club (Music, Theater, or Art), you are eligible to join and we encourage you to do so.

Visual and Performing Arts Department