Positive Behavior Support in Schools

Learn Today, Soar Tomorrow

Positive Behavior Support in Schools, or PBSIS, is a behavior support program that promotes and encourages positive behaviors and a positive school culture. Westwood Regional Middle School has been implementing the PBSIS Program for six years. Each school year begins with a PBSIS Instructional Event where students learn all the expectations for each location in our school. Students also learn about the PBSIS program and what it means to be accountable, empathetic, and successful. Then, in the afternoon, there is a Kickoff Celebration, where students enjoy a guest speaker, a DJ, and festivities. High Five Drawings occur throughout the day! Published studies show that implementation of the PBSIS Program results in positive outcomes, including reduction in referrals and suspensions. See the state website for more information.

Our PBSIS Motto is "Learn Today, Soar Tomorrow." Our expectation is for our students to be accountable, empathetic, and successful. It is the mission of Westwood Regional Middle School to create and promote a school climate that celebrates positive actions, and reinforces positive behavior. The PBSIS Program allows for staff members to affirm positive behaviors with High Fives along with verbal praise for recognition. The PBSIS program is all-inclusive. Any student can earn High Fives when a teacher sees them being accountable, empathetic, or successful. Example behaviors include being polite, helping another student, sharing, being inclusive, and being kind.

Students collect High Fives and place them in the their grade level birdhouse located in the cafeteria. Every Friday, there are weekly drawings at lunch. Student can win exciting rewards, like playing Wii at Lunch, Fast Pass to the Front of the Lunch Line, VIP gym access, and lunch with the principal to name a few. After every weekly drawing, all tickets are placed into the bigger grade level lobby birdhouse. No ticket is ever thrown away. Every month, tickets are drawn for a larger reward. Some examples are WRMS T-shirts, Movie Tickets, and WRMS string bags to name a few. This year, we are having Milestone Rewards. There are four lines taped on each lobby birdhouse. If enough High Fives are collected by each grade level, the entire grade will earn a grade level reward. All ideas will come from the students! Throughout the year, the PBSIS Committee plans school-wide booster events, fundraisers to support actionable causes, and to provide supplemental positive behavior programs for students, such as guest speakers and presenters.