Mr. Castellini

Welcome to my page. I will be your 6th grade Science teacher for the school year. This year we will be learning about all aspects of the Earth, inside and out, and the affect we have on it. Here you will find helpful links, homework assignments, and test and quiz dates. Looking forward to a great year! Any questions? E-mail me at

Welcome to 6th Grade Earth Science. In order for you to achieve your full potential in this class it is necessary for you to adhere to the following classroom procedures and regulations.

Classroom regulations

1. You will be assigned seats and lab groups by your teacher and will be expected to maintain these seats and lab groups until your teacher changes them. If you are having any difficulties with these assignments, bring them to the attention of your teacher immediately.

2. Hats and coats should not be worn in class. The use of any personal electronics in class is prohibited, and will be subject to the penalties specified in the student handbook.

3. Stow your book bags under your desk and out of the aisles.

4. No food or drinks will be consumed in class.

5. Each day’s lesson will begin promptly. If you should arrive late and have a pass, enter quietly and leave your pass on the teacher’s desk.

6. Once in the classroom you should quietly proceed directly to your assigned seat, and take out your notebook and pencil

7. Each day’s notes should be recorded in the classwork section of a standard loose-leaf notebook. Head each page with the day’s topic and the date.

8. It is expected that you will participate actively in class discussions and attempt to answer the questions posed (not necessarily correctly). Class participation is a factor in determining your grade. Classwork will be evaluated as follows.

Participates at every opportunity. Offers thoughtful responses to questions.

Participates often in class discussions.

Occasionally participates in class discussions. Answers correctly when called on.

Rarely participates in class discussions. Occasionally answers correctly when called on.

Rarely participates in class discussions. Is inattentive in class.

A disruptive influence during class discussions. Poor attendance and/or lateness

9. The end of the period is determined by the teacher. Remain in your seat and wait for the teacher to dismiss you. The teacher will dismiss the class after all the laboratory equipment is returned, the room is cleaned up, and the students are seated and quiet.

10. If your teacher is absent, a substitute lesson will be left for you to complete. You must hand in this assignment at the end of the period to be graded.


1. Homework should be done in a separate portion of your notebook.

2. All assignments are to be headed with your name, the assignment number and the title of the lesson.

3. The questions should be numbered and fully written out, followed by the answers. Answers for fill-in and multiple-choice questions should be underlined. Multiple-choice questions should also indicate the selection letter (a, b, c, d). All extended response questions should be answered completely and in full sentences.

4. Assignments are to be done with care. Sloppy or illegible work will not be accepted. In the event of your absence, the assignment will be due upon your return to class. All missed assignments must be made up. I will accept homework the next day but you will only receive HALF credit. After that don’t bother

5. Assignments are graded as follows:

Excellent work; thoughtful, extensive answers. Outstanding in content and appearance. Clearly exceed the requirements of the assignment.

Good work; answers are correct. Meets the requirements of the assignment.

Marginally acceptable work; several incorrect answers, incomplete or sloppy work is not acceptable.

Labs and projects

1. Labs are due the day after you complete the lab. Lab reports are to be done with care. Sloppy or illegible work will not be accepted. Same late rule applies.

2. Labs are graded using the same rating system as homework assignments (see above).


1.It is your responsibility to take every exam given in class. If you are absent for a test you must make arrangements with the teacher to make up a missed test as soon as possible.

2. Cheating will not be tolerated. If caught you will receive a zero, and will not be allowed to make the test up.

Grading policy

1. Grades will be determined as follows:

Tests/Quizzes: 60%

Labs/Projects: 20%

Class performance and participation: 5%

Homework: 15%

2. You are expected to behave honorably in the class. Plagiarism, copying or other forms of cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a loss of credit.

3. There will be no extra credit assignments. You can earn extra credit by submitting homework and labs that are outstanding in content and appearance containing thoughtful, extensive answers and/or labeled diagrams illustrating the concept or process.