Ms. Abbasi

Dynamic Connections 7

Welcome to Dynamic Connections!

I hope you are having a nice summer! Looking forward to meeting our upcoming 7th graders in September!

Dynamic Connections is a course that focuses on connecting your learning in subjects, such as Math and Science, to your everyday lives. I am looking forward to helping you make sense of how concepts you are learning in school apply to your world on a larger scale. In order to do well in this course, your main task is to give it your best effort; if you do, I have confidence that you will succeed and have fun in the process!


Grading Policy

Students will be graded based on class participation, class activities/assignments, and projects, which will primarily be completed in class. Each of the aforementioned is assigned a point value at the time of administration, and the overall grade is determined by the number of points earned out of the total number possible.

There is minimal homework given, if any. However, students are responsible for making up missed work when absent, and using class time wisely.

Assignment Calendars

Class Resources

All notes, project descriptions, activities and homework will be posted in Google Classroom.