Student Ambassadors


How do you become a Student Ambassador?

The first step in becoming a Student Ambassador is receiving a nomination from the staff at the Westwood Regional Middle School. The staff is requested to make recommendations for 6th grade students who have demonstrated the ability to act as a positive model for our school. This is an elective program so once a student is nominated, he/she has the choice to decide if he/she would like to participate.

What do Student Ambassadors do?

Student Ambassadors assist in implementing the Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) initiative at our school. We ask that the students who enroll in this program assist in fundraising efforts, such as the car wash and bake sales. In addition, we will hold monthly meetings during lunch that they will be expected to attend. Our expectation is that Student Ambassadors abide by the PBSIS standards and act as role models in our school.

What are the expectations for Student Ambassadors?

The core of our program is founded in the three PBSIS expectations: Accountable, Empathetic & Successful. We expect our Student Ambassadors to demonstrate those on a daily basis. This means following all school rules, striving to be the best student and best person you can be, and making good choices. We ask Student Ambassadors to exemplify the traits and characteristics of PBSIS so that other students will follow in their lead.