Mr. Schmerler: Room 126

This is where you will find key links and information for Digital Media (8th grade), Digital Media Sections 1 and 2, TV Production I, II and III, and Filmmaking I, II and III. Use the navigation bar above to keep up with what's happening in each class, with homework assignments, grading policy, links to Google Classroom and more. Our studio is at the high school in Room 126.

Classroom expectations:

We will have fun in 126, but it's important that everything we do is within the framework of our high expectations for learning and instruction. Therefore, we have procedures that all students must follow. Here they are:

  • No food or gum
  • No cell phone usage (except by teacher request; we will use them on occasion)
  • No calling out answers; raise hands
  • No getting up from your seat without permission
  • DO support your classmates; each class is a TEAM in 126!
  • DO show RESPECT for yourself, your peers and your teachers. Failure to follow any of the guidelines above shows DISRESPECT.

A few things we will learn in 126:

  • Take responsibility for your actions. NO EXCUSES!
  • How to collaborate with peers and work as a TEAM

About Mr. Schmerler:

  • Contact:
  • Masters in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University -- Comm
  • Bachelors in English from Clark University in Worcester, Mass.
  • Graduate of Tenafly High School
  • Over 25 years of experience in journalism: multimedia, TV, print and radio

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