Mr. Patel

Westwood Regional High School- Room 154, 156-B, 157

ph. 201-664-0880 Ext. 2158


Google Classroom
Google Drive
Character Education
STEM Pathways Course Descriptions
Cardinal Robotics
Machine Safety

Materials: (all classes)

  • Pencil
  • Check and use Google Account, especially Classroom (Mandatory)
  • Chromebook (Materials and Processing Only),
  • USB Flash Drive

Available Wednesday and Friday 3-4 or before school daily (7:15 am) . Communicate with me personally or via email that you need help.

Google Class Codes:

  • 2stv53g Robotics Club


Preliminary Planning Documentation (Portfolio): 30%

Prototypes and Physical Projects: 30%

Classwork and Participation: 20%

  • This is built into all assignments. If you do not work for the entire period, participate (either in person or electronically), stay organized, and clean up at the end of the period it is not possible for you to get a grade higher than 90%.

Quizzes: 20%

Assignment Submission and Due Dates:

Due dates are posted on google classroom . You lose 10% if you do not complete assignments on time. Inform me of difficult circumstances. If you get lower than 70% on an assignment you can redo it once for a maximum regrade of 90%.