Mr. Patel

Westwood Regional High School- Room 154, 156-B, 157

ph. 201-664-0880 Ext. 2158


Materials: (all classes)

  • Check and use Google Account, especially Classroom (Mandatory)
  • 2 pencils, 2 pens, 1 eraser, 1 pack of colored pencils
  • Chromebook (Materials and Processing Only), Have a USB Flash Drive Available

Daily Procedures:

1) Arrive to class on time or with a pass to avoid being marked late. Go to the bathroom, guidance, before class or lunch, etc.

2) Log in, check computer/chromebook for loose cables etc. (fix if needed), check if software we are using works (inventor, robot-c, etc)

3) Read Google Classroom for new announcements or check due dates for ongoing assignments.

4) Listen to your name being called for attendance

5) Wait until teacher explains daily objectives/assignments before asking questions, concerns, computer issues etc. Raise your hand.

6) Complete work

7) At 4 min clean up bell: Log Off, Save Work, Check Computers, Put away materials, sweep table tops & floors, Wait INSIDE classroom until bell rings.

  • Safety first. (read here)
  • Phones must be put away at the start of class (before attendance).
  • Absolutely no unauthorized phone use. There will be times when we need to take pictures or video of projects. Listen for instructions.
  • Consequences: 1st offence time verbal warning, 2nd offence phone taken until end of period, 3rd offence email home- office referral

How to track your progress (grades) and stay organized:

  1. This Website has general information, policies, and a calendar of upcoming due dates.
  2. Google Classroom has notes, slides, and is where you should turn in any files or electronic assignments.
  3. Genesis is where you can see your graded assessments, check your attendance, and class average. Short assessments like quizzes and worksheets take one week, long assessments like projects and tests take 2 weeks for grades to go in.
  4. Paper Portfolio is where we sketch, take quick notes, keep your pencils and pens, and keep any hard copies of handouts.

Available Wednesday and Friday 3-4 or before school daily (7:15 am) . Communicate with me personally or via email that you need help.

Google Class Codes:

  • 48enxm Period 2
  • ned6ri - Period 3
  • u6xslw0 Period 6
  • wc2tok Period 7
  • eos0t1t Period 8
  • peznlk Period 9
  • 2stv53g Robotics Club


Preliminary Planning Documentation (Portfolio): 30%

Prototypes and Physical Projects: 30%

Classwork and Participation: 20%

  • Most important criteria: Organization/Cleanup, Application of information, Safety, Effort/Attitude,
  • Participation Rubric

Quizzes: 20%

Assignment Submission and Due Dates:

You will always be doing something or have something due. This may be "paper" based like making a portfolio or "hands on" like building a foam model. Please take both methods seriously. I will check progress regularly. There is no homework unless you fall behind. There is target date which is when you should aim to finish your work and a late date which is the last date to submit work without penalty. Target dates are announced in class only. Late dates are typically the week of the target date. Late dates are the ones posted on google classroom. After the late date on google classroom you will loose 10% per day late. If you are really behind on longer assignments and projects you must come in for extra help and it is likely that your parents will be notified. Please see me if you have special circumstances and it is likely that I will give you more time provided you are exhibiting effort towards the assignment. Be aware of progress reports and end of marking period dates. There will be a cut off date for assignment submission.