Office of the Assistant Principal

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As the Assistant Principal of the Class of 2025, I am extremely fortunate to serve the parents and students of this grade for a third consecutive school year. We all look forward to seeing this 8th grade class complete their time in our building to become the first 8th grade graduating class at our school!

I am also the Assistant Principal of the Math Department, the Health/PE Department, and am the supervisor for athletics, clubs, and activities.

Prior to my career as a school administrator, I was a Health, Driver Education, and Physical Education teacher for 19 years at Westwood. I have taught every grade level from Pre-K to high school seniors and have taught in every school in the district. I also have coached over fifty seasons of junior high school and senior high school interscholastic athletics.

I encourage all parents and students to reach out to me at any time with any comments, concerns or suggestions. I can be reached at 201-664-5560 x 6008, or by clicking my picture for email. I look forward to hearing from you!