Maria Salvi

Kindergarten, Jessie F. George School

Welcome to Mrs.Salvi's Class!

I am so excited for the 2018-2019 year! Your child will be learning lots of great things in Kindergarten. Please check out all of my links to get a full picture of what K-S will be doing through out the year. We are trying to go as paperless as possible so please make it a priority to check my web page and links, especially "Weekly News", regularly for updates. Thank you!

Important October Dates:

22: Walk-A-Thon/12:45 dismissal/Parent/Teacher Conferences

23: 12:45 dismissal/ Parent/Teacher Conferences

24: Evening Parent/Teacher Conferences

31: Halloween Parade

All About Me

I grew up in the town of Westwood and lived there until I was married. I attended Brookside Elementary and am a Westwood High School Alumni. When it was time to go to college I decided that the field of communications was my path. I graduated from Marist Collage with a BA in communications/public relations.

It was not until five years later that I decided that I wanted to become a teacher. I graduated from St. Peter's College with a certification and MA in elementary education. One of the requirements of a teacher certification program is to do student teaching. I did my student teaching at Jessie F. George School. I also was a substitute teacher in the WWRSD during my studies at St. Peter's.

After I graduated St. Peter's, I was hired at Leonia Middle School as a permanent substitute teacher. Not only did I work with the general ed students, but I also was able to teach special ed/autism students. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from that position.

After that, I was hired as a teacher at Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Park Ridge. I taught middle school for one year at OLMA and then requested to be moved to a position that was within my certification. To my wonderful surprise, I was moved to Kindergarten! This will be my 13th year teaching Kindergarten and I absolutely LOVE it.

I am very passionate about teaching. I love seeing the faces of my students light up when they realize that they can read, or when they accomplish a challenging task, or when they learn something they think is, "so cool". I am looking forward to teaching your child and I look forward to getting to know you as well. I believe that communication between parent and teacher is a key component in helping your child become the best that he/she can be. Please do not hesitate to contact me via note, email, or phone call. Here's to a wonderful year!

Reading Strategies

Reading to your child is a wonderful way to help them become strong readers. Research has shown that children who are read to on a regular basis have much stronger literacy skills than those children who are not read to often. Make it a point to read, read, read every day to your child. As you read track the text by pointing to it. Stop and ask comprehension questions as you read. Ask about the characters and the setting. Ask what the problem was and then what the solution was. Ask your child what they think will happen next.

In school the children will be learning many different strategies to help them decipher text. Here is a list of those strategies and an explanation of each:

Stretchy Snake: This is not only used in reading, but also in writing. When the children are writing you may hear them say, "say it, stretch it, write it." When used for writing, they are writing the sounds they hear. When reading, they are sounding out the word.

Eagle Eye: Look at the pictures and look for any words you know in the text before you read.

Lips the Fish: Say the first sound

Chunky Monkey: Look for chunks you know in words

Skippy Frog: Skip a word, read to the end of the sentence, then come back to it.

Flippy Dolphin: Flip the vowel sound. If the long sound doesn't work, try the short.

Tryin Lion: Try a word that makes sense

Ask Yourself: Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?