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8th Grade-World History/ Senior Electives - Cold War & Genocide Studies


My name is Mrs. Akins and this is my 12th year at Westwood Regional High School. I completed my student teaching at Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood New Jersey. This school is home to me; I grew up in Westwood and I am a 2002 graduate of Westwood High School.

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World History 8

This is a full year course for 8th graders that will examine World History and will emphasize major political, economic, social, and cultural events, as well as influential personalities from the various time periods of study. A representative list of topics includes the following: Ancient Greece & Ancient Rome as well as, The Middle Ages; The Rise of Western Europe, The Rise of Eastern Europe, Rise of Russia, and the Byzantine Empire ,Muslim Civilization & Islam, Kingdoms and the Trading States of Africa, Spread of Civilization in Asia and the Civilizations of the Americas. Chronological and thematic approaches will be used throughout the course of study to make valuable connections from the past to present day issues and concepts.

December 17th to December 21st

This week we will look our knights during the Middle Ages...last week before break! Happy Holidays everyone.

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Human Rights & Genocide

This is a semester course designed to give students the opportunity to consider the origins, conduct, and legacy of genocides from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. In addition to an in depth study of the Holocaust, students will analyze the genocides in the Belgian Congo, Armenia, the Cambodian “Killing Fields,” Bosnia, Rwanda, and Sudan. Students will examine how truth, collective memory, and representation in the cultural landscape have impacted the role of the world community in preventing such atrocities, including the current violence taking place at the hands of ISIS.


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December 17th to December 21st

This week we will finish our look at Cambodia and begin looking and the genocide in Guatemala. Last week before break, Happy Holidays everyone!

Cold War to Present

This semester course for students will examine U.S and World event starting just after World War II to the present day. Highlights of the course include study the Cold War, and the post-Cold War era, the Korean War, Vietnam, the 1960’s, Civil Rights, and the history behind the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. The course will also examine the primary political, economic, and social institutions, which influenced American life in the twentieth century. The course seeks to further develop the skills learned in US History 2 CP.


Class Rules/ Procedures

Second Semester


Due dates for all homework assignments, projects and tests/quiz’s are not flexible (this does not include absence due to illness or other emergency situations). Homework information and due dates will be posted on my web page, and will be announced in class. Any work turned in after the due date will not be given full credit. Students will have one day to make-up assignments for every day he or she was absent. If completion exceeds the time period allotted, the student will lose credit. Please contact me if there are any issues with homework assignments, I am here to help!

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