Dr. Jen Grochowski

Extra Help:

Although an appointment is not necessary, it would be helpful if you let me know via email if you would like to come in for extra help so I can have the necessary materials ready for you. Most of my day will be spent in Room 103 or in the shared office in between rooms 103 and 105. I am usually there by 7:30 am and remain until 3:30 most afternoons (excluding Mondays). I usually have early morning duty by the Special Services door one day each cycle, so if you have a quick question, you may find me there as well.

Policy on Academic Integrity:

Students are expected to read and understand the Westwood Regional School District academic integrity policy, which can be found in the Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School Student Handbook. Members of the Westwood Regional School District community are expected to be honest and forthright in their academic endeavors. Students who violate this policy will be referred to the School Administration for proper discipline.