Continental Math League

Who can compete? 8th and 9th graders

Where do you compete? In the cafeteria

When do you compete? After school - see calendar below

If the student cannot take the contest on the contest date, accommodations may be made to make up the test. The student should contact their math teacher or Mr. Thomas to schedule a makeup.

Dates: 11/15, 12/13, 1/10, 2/14 & 3/14

Who do I contact? Mr. Thomas -

Continental Math League gives students an opportunity to compete with students in their school as well as students across the nation.

Students compete in 5 contests of SAT style questions that must be performed without a calculator.

The top two students from each grade will earn medals to recognize their accomplishment.

The top students in each grade will earn certificates of recognition.

8th graders will be recognized at the 8th grade awards night.

Note: In the event that you miss a contest, you should immediately speak with your math teacher or Mr. Thomas about a time to promptly make it up. Coaches should accept you being a little late to a practice because you are doing a math competition.