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Have a Great School Year!

Please contact me at any time if your child is having difficulty or if you have any questions on their achievement. My e-mail address is

Welcome to my Home Page. I am looking forward to working with you and having a great school year!

My primary responsibilities include:

  1. Assisting students during class.
  2. Inform subject area teachers of modifications on students’ individual education plans.
  3. Assist subject area teachers in implementing modifications.
  4. Modify tests and quizzes for classified students.
  5. Provide Study Guides for students so that they clearly understand what they need to know on their tests and quizzes.
  6. Communicate with parents and advise them of their child’s progress.
  7. Collaborate with the Child Study Team and Guidance Department.
  8. Collaborate with subject area teachers to improve student understanding and learning.
  9. Assist subject area teachers in the presentation of their curriculums to meet the needs of the classified students in their classes.
  10. Encourage and assist students to work at their highest academic achievement level.
  11. Help students get back on track if they are not successful in a subject area. Develop strategies with individual students to achieve success and positive grades.

*Periods 1 and 6 CP Biology students please refer to Mr. Hoffman's web page for updates on daily work, homework, study guides and assessments.

**Periods 2 and 8 Algebra 1 students please refer to Mrs. Compagnone's web page for updates on daily work, homework, study guides and assessments

***I am available in the Academic Support Lab before and after school. Please stop by if you need assistance with classwork, homework, and preparing for assessments.

Information about Genesis

The Genesis Parent Access portal is a safe and secure way for parents to view many of their child's school records for the school year. Through the Genesis Parent Access portal, parents can access information about their child's class schedule, attendance and discipline.