Mr. Ziegler

Team 6B Mathematics

Westwood Regional Middle School


Math - Team 6B

Welcome to my website. My name is Jacob Ziegler, I am the math teacher on Team 6B.

The children are adjusting to 6th grade math. Homework is assigned after almost every class, and its completion is essential for success in math. Please check your child's planner each day so you will know what is assigned. Take a look at the assignment when it is finished. Ask your child to explain to you what s/he is learning in math. Explaining helps your child to review the lesson. Encourage your child to put their best effort into everything they do, especially their homework, by showing their work thoroughly when solving problems.


Course Description

Grade 6 Mathematics

This course is for students entering sixth grade who have successfully completed the basic mathematics skills covered in grades K-5. Topics include: use of whole numbers, decimals, fractions and percents in a variety of situations, geometry and measurement, ratios and proportions, application of basic algebraic properties, standard order of operations, data analysis, measurement and statistics. Emphasis is placed on reinforcement of computation skills and grade level standards. Problem solving strategies and PARCC readiness is stressed and reinforced throughout the school year. Appropriate use of calculators will be developed and applied.