Student of the Month

Students at Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. high School may be selected by teachers as a recipient for demonstrating some or all of the following qualities: citizenship, kindness, diligence, positive attitude, academic success, personal responsibility, accountability, empathy, character, and cardinal pride.

September 2017

Meredith Bortz, Grade 8, nominated by Ross Krebs

Meredith exhibits impressive character and morality. Faced with a decision to turn in a large denomination of money found in the courtyard or keep it for herself, she made the morally correct choice. I believe she was very considerate for the unknown person who misplaced something valuable, and should be commended and/or recognized for it. She is currently taking English 8 Honors and is involved in Concert Band.

Nicholas Napier, Grade 12, nominated by Danielle Sommerville:

Nick is a caring, dedicated, and purposeful student. When interacting with his peers and teachers, Nick shows kindness and concern. Nick has shown his dedication by going above and beyond on countless projects. In one such project, he (and a partner) notably created a stop motion animation starring Morgan Freeman to explain how climate change is causing oceans to become more acidic. He spent countless hours formatting and researching this project to meet his own high standards for himself. When it was viewed in class, his classmates were stunned by his effort and creativity. When Nick does not meet the high standards he sets for himself, he sets forth an action plan to improve and works diligently to meet his own goals. Nick is a proud Cardinal. He participates in several music programs, musical productions, and Mr. Westwood. He is well rounded and is keen to make a positive impact on his school community. Nick's autonomy and creativity are remarkable, and set him apart from his peers. I believe these skills will continue to distinguish Nick from his peers in his post-secondary pursuits. He will be a great representation of Westwood HS at his chosen institution.

October 2017

Gabby Dunay, Grade 10, nominated by Joseph Fritz:

Gabby is a hardworking student who tries her best within the classroom and strives for perfection. She takes on a leadership role within the class and aids other students when she can. She is kind and compassionate and is passionate about her work. She is currently taking five honors classes and is involved in marching band, chamber singers, and wind ensemble.

Emily Gorham, Grade 8, nominated by Adelyn Gann

Emily is an excellent student whose happy-go-lucky personality does not go unnoticed in the classroom. She holds herself to a high standard and strives to achieve her best academically, all with an enthusiastic approach to learning. What is most notable about Emily, however, is her willingness to help others. She frequently volunteers to work collaboratively with students in class, demonstrating kindness, understanding, and a desire to help others attain academic success as well. She is a pleasure to have in class and should be commended for her hard work and positive contribution to the classroom. Emily is currently taking three honors classes.

November 2017

Ved Jethani, Grade 8, nominated by Jessica Martello

Ved is a strong student with a bright future. It is a goal of every educator to have very high standards for their students and then to have their students rise to the level of those expectations. Ved is a very high achiever and has exceeded the level of my expectations in just the first two weeks of school. With regular contributions to class discussion, it is clear that Ved has the ability to use his higher order thinking skills to think beyond the problem at hand. Additionally, he takes the initiative to help his classmates when they are in need of clarification and is overall a pleasure to have in class. Ved is currently taking five honors classes and made honors with distinction for the first quarter.

Tara Macchione, Grade 12, nominated by Eileen Nagle

Tara is a student that is well-rounded and participates in all areas of the Westwood Regional community. She is a hardworking student who completes quality work for her classes. Tara is also a member of the field hockey team and is an editor of the Cardinal Chronicle newspaper. Most importantly, Tara is a genuinely nice and kind person who makes an effort to look out for her fellow students and is polite to anyone she encounters. Tara made the honor roll for the first quarter.

December 2017

Daniel Lin, Grade 8, nominated by Justin Baumgartner

Daniel is a very reliable and responsible student. If he is going to miss a class, he seeks out the teacher to talk about it and receive assignments that he may miss. He is usually the first to class and always prepared with any work due. Besides the fact that he earns outstanding grades on all assessments, his participation and positive attitude really helps the classroom environment. He is respectful and courteous with everyone he comes in contact with. It is a pleasure having him in class.

Isabelle Mignanelli, Grade 12, nominated by Susanne Phillips

Isabelle has been a student in my English class since her sophomore year. When we first met, she was quiet and shy. During her junior year, Isabelle started improving her grade by completing all assignments and expressing her thoughts and/or opinions each day. She came to realize that her input is relevant which helped her to gain the confidence to continue participating during class discussion. As a senior, she has maintained an A average and offers her assistance to those students who may be struggling with an assignment or concept. She has also taken on the challenge of teaching herself to better communicate with a friend who recently moved from Korea to the United States. This is such a thoughtful gesture which speaks volumes about her character. In the three years I have had the pleasure of being her teacher, Isabelle has blossomed into an incredible young woman with high expectations for herself that include furthering her education when she graduates in June. Watching her change from the shy and intimidated girl, into a strong and confident woman has been an experience that I will always cherish.

January 2018

Christopher Eagar, Grade 8, nominated by Jessica Martello

Chris is one of the most mature eighth graders I have encountered in my teaching career. Living in South Africa until he was five years old and visiting family there often has noticeably made him a very worldly young man that has a strong grasp on the meaning of his life. This is a very unique characteristic for an eighth grader to possess and it is helping to excel in his course studies. Chris has the ability to think outside the box and apply prior knowledge to help him reach a solution in a non-traditional way. Having no fear of a challenge and a strong focus on his attention to detail, he is quickly growing as a learner into a strong problem solver. Other students strive to be more like Chris because he is resilient, has a positive attitude, and works hard. Christopher is currently taking five honors classes and made honors with distinction for the first two quarters.

Andrew Sklavounos, Grade 12, nominated by Mary-Liz Wren

Andrew is a mature and dedicated student who is a role model for his peers. He has strong time-management skills, balancing a demanding schedule of several AP and honors courses with various sports and activities. He is an active Peer Pal, always willing to volunteer to help with any club task. He is always polite and friendly when you see him in the hallway and is a pleasure to have in class. Andrew demonstrates consistent effort, always prepared and willing to participate in all class activities. Andrew is currently taking four AP classes and made the honor roll the first quarter and honors with distinction for the second quarter.