Anime Club

What is Anime?

Anime is a form of televised entertainment derived from hand-drawn or computer-based animation. Whether Anime is watched in the native Japanese (with subtitles) or in English, it is a window into the arts that is seldom explored. The proposed Anime Club will serve as a venue for students to explore the different components that make Anime more than just a “tv-show”. Some components to be discussed and explored by the Anime Club will be : visual artwork, music composition, plot development, and comedy dynamics. Throughout the history of Anime, there has been a noticeable progression through animation styles, which has fueled analysis and debate over which is better, new or old. Anime Club will provide a comfortable atmosphere to analyze shows and even help people learn about what Anime is. The doors will be open to both experienced Anime watchers and newcomers who are curious to learn more about this art form.

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Where and When?

Meetings: in Room 108.

  • Thursdays after school
  • Every other week for 40-60 minutes.