Westwood Regional Schools

Registration Information

Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the Westwood Regional School District!

The district will make every effort to place students in their “neighborhood” schools; however, the district cannot guarantee at which district school—Berkeley/Brookside or George/Washington—your child will be placed.

In order to register your child/children*, please follow the steps outlined below ...

STEP 1: Review the following information

STEP 2: Genesis Online Pre-Registration

  • Click on the following link to Pre-Register your child. Genesis ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION

  • Make sure to print the pre-registration confirmation page before logging out of the ONLINE-PRE-REGISTRATION site.

  • Proceed to Step 3 to download the forms that are required after you have Pre-Registered your child.

STEP 3: Complete the required downloadable forms and bring them to your registration appointment. All forms can be found in the tab at the top of this page or by clicking here.

If your child has an IEP, please bring a copy to your registration appointment.

Special Requirements for grade 8-12 registrations:

  • grades 8 & 9 - bring prior year's report card

  • grades 10-12 - bring either high school transcript or report cards from previous high school years

STEP 4: Set up an appointment, if you have not done so online, to meet with our registrar:

Grades K-7: Paulette Sommerhalter, 201-664-0880 x2011

Grades 8-12: Barbara Maskin, Jr/Sr High School Guidance Office, 201-664-0880 x2074

*Children Who Anticipate Moving to the District

A nonresident child otherwise eligible for attendance whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) anticipates district residency and has entered a contract to buy, build, or rent a residence in this district may be enrolled without payment of tuition for a period of time not greater than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the anticipated date of residency, subject to review of such a contract. If any such pupil does not become a resident of the district thirty (30) calendar days after admission to school, tuition will be charged for attendance commencing the beginning of the thirty-first (31) calendar day and until such time as the pupil becomes a resident or withdraws from school.