Ms. Fitzgerald

Welcome to Third Grade!

June 2018

Dear Incoming Third Grader,

The school year has come to close, and it’s time for summer break. We hope you enjoy the time off from school and come back ready for a great third grade year.

In third grade, you will work through the writing process in Writing Workshop. An important tool every third grade writer will use is a writer’s notebook. This will be a place for you to collect ideas and practice your writing craft.

To help you gather ideas for your writing, you will personalize your notebook. In order to do this, we would like you to collect photographs, pictures from magazines, images from the Internet, and/or drawings that you can use to decorate your notebook. The idea is for the images to inspire you as a writer, so please be thoughtful about what you collect.

We ask that you bring your images to school in a labeled Ziploc bag no later than Monday, September 10, 2018.


Ms. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Giesberg

Mrs. Kropiewnicki

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