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Room: 156

Phone: 201-664-0880 ext. 2156

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My Bio:

My career began at Westwood Regional High School in February 2012. When I began working that winter, I had just briefly graduated from college. Throughout my career at the high school I have taught the following courses: Fabrication and Design I, Electricity and Electronics, STEM, 8th Grade Engineering and recently this year Fabrication and Design Two. These courses are extremely exciting and intriguing for me, for I have an extensive background in working with my hands in addition to the education I received at college. Some of the jobs I have held prior to teaching were: kitchen cabinet installer and finish carpentry work, and automotive repair. These jobs have helped extensively in the creation of new and exciting lessons to help keep the curriculum fun, interesting, and competitive with our continually changing world.

Mr. Miller's Class Schedule:

Please refer to the schedule on the right to find out where I might be or when I will be available. Thank you!

18-19 School Year

Grading Policy


Please refer to the quick reference below regarding the grading policy. This is a departmental mandated policy in which students will see throughout each course. The total percentage in which this is based out of is 100%.

  • Tests/ Projects: 60%
  • Quizzes: 20%
  • Classwork/ Class Participation: 20%


  • Where can I find Mr. Miller during the school day?

My home base is in room 156, however, I am not always in this classroom when I am not teaching. I can be found in the small office room found in room 155. Please refer to the schedule shown above for better reference.

  • Is there homework given in any of the classes?

No, there is generally never any homework given. The only type of homework given could be a practice take home work for a previously covered assignment in the class. Also students may be asked to bring in a material(s) or item(s) specific to an assignment given in the course. Lastly, it is the student's responsibility to complete any missed assignments outside of class time.

  • How can my son or daughter do well in the course?

It is recommended, not required, at times to put in extra time on project work outside of class to help either keep up with the class pace, or successfully complete an assignment by the designated due date. I will make myself available as much as I can to help students with their projects.