Curriculum Resources

Welcome to the Westwood Regional School District's public curriculum website.

Here you will gain access to a curriculum map of all subjects at every grade level, K-12.

A curriculum map is a tool for organizing what the Westwood Regional School District expects students to know and be able to do in each subject each year. A map lists the main topics, essential questions, content, and skills for each subject at each grade level.

Although we have established district curricula, teachers often do not teach the same topics at the same time or in the same way. Teachers differentiate curriculum and make adjustments based on student need.

Our curriculum maps are not lesson plans. Rather, they are broad outlines of what students need to know and be able to do each year. Maps are collaboratively created by our teachers, who spend many hours reaching consensus about the curriculum that is essential for our students. As a result, the content of our maps includes and often exceeds state standards.

When viewing our curriculum maps, please keep in mind the ongoing nature of our work. We periodically revise our curriculum as appropriate and update our maps. We use our maps as a springboard for discussion about student learning and teaching practices.

We hope this tool will, at the very least, allow you to gain an overview of each year's curriculum. At their best, our maps will raise important questions about teaching and learning as we continually improve.

To begin: Click the link below. View maps by selecting a specific grade level or subject area.

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