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Here, in the Westwood Regional School District, we are deeply committed to fostering progressive, research-based practices that support the personalization of learning for all students in the district. This website is designed to provide you with access to information and resources about the educational experience in our district to help you feel more connected to what our students are learning in the classroom to prepare them for success.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment News

December 2017

The Student-Centered Math Classroom

On the January 15, 2018 Professional Day, members of the Grades 6-12 Math Department will participate in a workshop called "The Student-Centered Math Classroom." Participants will explore best practices in creating a student-centered, inquiry driven 21st-century technology-enhanced math classroom. Teachers will take on a student role throughout the day and will walk away with dynamic math tools and instructional strategies to improve and highlight mathematical communication. They will also develop a formative assessment system that supports differentiation and flexible grouping and formulate an effective means to blend and flip math instruction. Teachers will explore student voice and how students understand more deeply when they can communicate their findings, wonderings, and thoughts through creation. The workshop focus is hands-on to develop a portfolio of strategies and tools for math classroom instruction. The goal is for each participant to complete the workshop with a toolkit of new instructional designs for their math classroom!

Reading and Writing Workshop Professional Development

The district has contracted with Gravity Goldberg, LLC to conduct 29 days of professional development on the Reading and Writing Workshop Model with grades K-7 teachers this school year. During each session, the Gravity Goldberg coach introduces a workshop component to the teachers and then models it in an actual classroom. That way, our teachers are able to see the teaching strategies in action and can debrief what they observed with the consultant afterward. The efforts of the outside trainers are being supported by our own in-house Literacy Coach, Danielle Councilor. The district decided to move to the Reading and Writing Workshop approach after surveying parents/guardians and teachers during the last school year. The results of those surveys overwhelmingly supported a switch to this model of instruction.

November 2017

Parent/Guardian Surveys for G&T and Social Studies

We are in the process of surveying parents/guardians on our Gifted and Talented programming and our K-12 Social Studies Curriculum. Please take a moment to complete these surveys by December 22, 2017. Your input is valued and appreciated. It will help shape our future programming.

Social Studies

Gifted and Talented Grades K-7 - please only complete this survey if your child is part of the G&T program.

October 2017

Revised NJDOE Science Assessments Coming Spring 2018

The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is in the final phase of the state-required procurement process for the new science assessments that will be administered this school year. The NJDOE expects the procurement process to be finalized in the coming weeks, at which time they will release detailed information and guidance for districts on the new science assessments. However, to assist school districts in preparation for such changes, the NJDOE has provided the following information so far:

  • The science assessments will be administered in grades 5, 8 and 11. There will be no 4th -grade science assessment this school year. The grade 11 high school assessment will be a comprehensive science assessment rather than an end-of-course high school biology assessment.
  • The new science assessments will be computer-based tests and will feature technology-enhanced items.
  • The new science assessments will be administered in spring 2018 and will be aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Science, which all school districts were required to implement by the 2017-18 school year.

As described above, once the procurement process is finalized, information and guidance about testing dates, procedures and other operational details will be released to districts. This information will be relayed to the Westwood Regional parents/guardians once it is available.