About me!

This is my twelfth year teaching, and my seventh year within the district. I studied biology at Rutgers University and upon graduation, I gained employment with a fragrance house in Manhattan. During that time, I obtained an MA in a very industry specific field called cosmetic chemistry. Shortly after, I made the decision to leave the industry and become a teacher. It was a decision that I took very seriously and one that I have rarely regretted! I pull from my own corporate experience, as well as many other applicable fields. I am looking forward to getting to know all of my new students and to having another great year!


AP Biology grading policy:

quizzes = 10%

labs = 25%

tests and projects = 65%

Have a great summer!!

Summer Assignments:

CP biology grading policy:

quizzes = 10%

labs = 35%

tests and projects = 55%