Mrs. Christie

Team 6B Language Arts

Westwood Regional Middle School


Welcome! This is my 21st year teaching Language Arts in the Westwood Regional School District. I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson where I also played basketball for the Lady Knights. I am a mom to three beautiful children ages 12, 9, and 7!

I am very passionate about reading and writing and hope to instill the same love for literature with my students. Students will be reading in class as well as for homework with their individual reading goals set between 20 and 60 minutes per night (20 pages or more). Please monitor their reading and actively question and discuss their books with them.


Course Description: Literacy Workshop provides support and opportunities for students to practice, develop and demonstrate their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in deeply engaged ways. In Literacy Workshop, students work to apply what they learn through literature to the world around them. Literacy Workshop asks students to read and write in a community that honors productivity, preparedness and respect for its members.Students will set goals for themselves and learn how to make plans for meeting those goals through authentic self-reflection. The workshop concept is based on the idea that choice, relevant tasks, and extended time to read and write will greatly increase a student's motivation to learn and their capacity to succeed in school and beyond.


Current Unit of Study

*Class Read Aloud - A Long Walk to Water

Narrative Nonfiction

In this current unit of study, students will be answering and discussing the following essential questions:

How do memoirs help us to make meaning of our lives?

How do writers use reflection to make sense of prior experiences?

How can we read through the lens of the writer and understand the literary tools used?

How can we develop our own craft through these memoir texts?

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic is a great place to purchase books for your children at reasonable prices. Occasionally, your child will come home with a book order form which you can check off, and send back with cash or check. However, you can also make your purchase online by clicking the following link:

Our class code is H2VM8

Book Recommendations

March Book of the Month:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series

by Rick Riordan

Half-human, half-Greek God, Percy Jackson escapes to Camp Half-Blood for safety from monster attacks. There he learns there’s a war between the Gods and discovers the frightening possibility that the Titans are rising. Quests, secrets, danger, and Greek mythology will keep any Harry Potter fans mesmerized in this fast-paced series.


Ideas for Write Longs:

  • A struggle in the text
  • Character evolution/change
  • Character revelation(they have just discovered something about themselves)
  • Surprising /Contradictory moment
  • What is the author trying to tell me?
  • Advice given/taken/needed
  • Common themes across chapters
  • A strong theory you may have with evidence to support it
  • Others' treatment of the main character
  • A lesson a character learned from a mistake
  • Something you discovered while reflecting on your chart(s)