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may 2019

In case you have not been by the Middle School lately, we have made lots of progress including:

      • erection of the steel frame in the center courtyard
      • demolition of the two classrooms where the old and new sections of the building will connect
      • continued excavation of the site and preparation of the footings and foundation.

This work will set us up nicely for a frenzy of activity that will take place over the summer when school is not in session.

Check out the most recent photos added to our online gallery.

Congratulations !

We are proud to announce that Washington School, Jessie F. George School, and the Middle School have received 2019 Gold Level Recognition under the NJ Safe Routes to Schools Program (NJSRTS). NJSRTS, which is created and supported by the New Jersey Department of Transportation with funding from the Federal Highway Administration, enables and encourages safer and more accessible walking and bicycling environments for children in New Jersey, thereby encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. These three schools join Berkeley and Brookside who were recognized as Gold Level recipients in 2017.


The public meeting of the Board of Education on May 9, the Board recognized our Middle School and Jr/Sr High School Students of the Month as well as congratulating our school-level representatives of the 2019 Bergen County Teacher Recognition Program.

      • Christina Santagato: Washington Elementary School
      • Christina Lizzi: Berkeley Elementary School
      • Melissa Muzik: Brookside Elementary School
      • Maria Giombarrese: George Elementary School
      • Rachelle Campbell: Westwood Regional Middle School
      • James Thomas: Jr./Sr. High School

Click HERE to view the May 9 agenda or any of the agendas for our public meetings of the Board of Education.

Student Representatives Report

Each month at our public meeting of the Board of Education, our HS student representatives, Gabriella Dunay and Kaavya Muthuraman, report out on the exciting news and activity taking place at our Jr/Sr High School. Here's what they reported this month:

5/9 BOE Meeting

Click HERE to view an archive of the 2018-19 student representative reports from the Jr/Sr High School


George Elementary and Washington Elementary Art students under the direction of Stacey Becan. George: Ryan Sklavounos (5th), Sebastian Ortega (4th), Lucas Bedoya (3rd), Ella Palmeri (2nd), Makenzie Cenicola (1st), Dean Cusato (K); Washington: Maria Papathanasopoulos (5th), Dominic Santaite (4th), Ariel Kessel (3rd), Sophia Collis (2nd), Mason Ingram (1st), Emma Brue (K).

You can check out a slideshow of our students' design on our WWRSD Facebook page.


Middle School and Jr/Sr High School

Samantha Arturo (gr 6) and Jake Rochlin (gr 7)

Sydney Wexler (gr 8) and Josh Rochlin (gr 12)


James Thomas, Rachelle Campbell, Melissa Muzik, Christine Lizzi, Cristina Santagato, Maria Giombarrese


There will be two public meetings in June beginning at 7:30 PM. The June 13, 2019 public Board meeting will include our display of artwork by some of our High School students as well as celebrations and recognitions of students, retirees, and parent-school officer organizations. The June 27, 2019 public Board meeting will conclude our school year and prepare us the opening of school in September.

The agenda will be available in the afternoon on the Tuesday prior to each meeting. Click HERE to view all our agendas.


In addition to the recently adopted Board Policies listed below, any policies currently under review by the full Board can found here and ALL final policies and regulations can be found on the district website under the Board of Education drop down menu.


Department of Special Services


Special Services is proud to present Danielle Sheridan, Special Education teacher in our Preschool Connect Program as our May Staff Spotlight.

Ms. Sheridan has been a dedicated member of the Preschool team for 14 years and played an integral role in the creation and development of the Connect Program, the district’s self contained program for students with autism. Ms. Sheridan continues to devote herself to her students, the staff, and parents within the district.

Ms. Sheridan has been a vital part of the Connect Program, the Preschool Program and Special Services. Moreover, she is the epitome of the term “team player” as she applies her expertise within a variety of facets that include; developing and implementing individualized ABA programs for each of her students, analyzing massive amounts of data to measure student progress, effectively articulating information to parents, mentoring and training new staff members within the program, and most importantly supporting her students on a daily basis.

Ms. Sheridan offers a wealth of information utilizing ABA approaches, positive reinforcement, behavior management systems, and data analysis to develop and implement comprehensive programs to effectively meet each student’s unique needs. In tandem with effectively educating preschool aged students with autism, she utilizes her expertise to assist colleagues with developing and implementing strategies for managing behavior and delivering district trial instruction to students outside of her classroom. As a result, Ms. Sheridan effectively helps and supports students and staff districtwide.

Collaborative and Compassionate are two words that can be used to describe Ms. Sheridan. She facilitates open lines of communication with related service providers, parents and administration, and as a result, students are able to thrive in her classroom. Moreover, she is always willing to mentor new aides by providing them with the guidance and direction they need to meet with success in the Connect Program.. In addition to the top notch caliber of instruction she delivers, Ms. Sheridan is to be commended for her ability to “connect” with each child she services, making every day a personalized learning experience. As a result, her students not only thrive in this welcoming and engaging environment, but as they transition into the elementary schools, many students are able to meet with success within a mainstream classroom, greatly due to the extensive interventions and individualized programming Ms. Sheridan provides. In addition, she shows great passion and pride with regards to her career and truly loves what she does on a daily basis. This is evidenced by the smile that comes across her face when she speaks of each student’s successes may they be big or small.

It is because of staff members like Ms. Sheridan that make Westwood Regional School District such a special place for students to learn and grow!

You are cordially invited ...


2018-2019 upcoming dates


  • 13: Board of Education Meeting
  • 20: Last Day for Students
  • 20: High School Graduation
  • 21: Last Day for Staff
  • 27: Board of Education Meeting
REVISED School Calendar 2018-2019 (approved 042519).pdf


At the January 17, 2019 meeting, the Board approved the school calendar for 2019-2020. The calendar is attached for your reference and can be found on the district website, here, along with the NJ Department of Education list of religious holidays permitting student absence from school.

REVISED WRSD School Calendar 2019-2020 (approved 042519).pdf

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