Mrs. Adams

Have a great summer, see you in September!

Welcome to Engineering!

I am excited to be teaching Engineering at Westwood Regional Middle School for the ninth year! My hope for all Engineering students this year is to be able to explore math and science concepts through hands-on collaborative projects.

If you need to reach me at any time do not hesitate to email me here

What will we be learning this year?

Sixth grade projects will be:

  • Manufacturing child's toy in assembly line
  • Biotechnology examination of GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Simple Machine Cars
  • Power and Energy Green Snap Circuit Kits
  • Construction Scaled Model of Dream Room

Seventh grade projects will be:

  • Balsa Wood Gliders
  • Mousetrap Cars

All projects are done in class, there is no homework in Engineering :-)

Course Information

Engineering meets every other day. Sixth grade engineering is a full year course and is taught periods 1 and 8. Seventh grade engineering is a half year course and is taught periods 2, 7, and 9.

Engineering grades are based 50% on participation in class and 50% on project work. You may access Genesis here.