Brian K. Adkins

This is my 34th year of teaching. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, from Atlantic Union College, in South Lancaster, Massachusetts in May of 83. I then proceeded to earn my first Masters degree in Administration and Supervision in Elementary Education from Rutgers University in May of 89. I then earned a second degree in Master of Science in Educational Technology, from Ramapo College in May of 99!

This year I teach 5th grade Science/Language Arts/Math/Social Studies. My interests include computers, skiing, and flying. I am a Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating. I am also an Advanced Ground Instructor.

Today, a teacher is the guide for children in their journey of education. He must use his imagination, and enthusiasm, to nurture and build self-confidence in children. The teacher is a stimulator of visions, an instiller of curiosity, a confidant, and a role model.

The relationship between student and teacher is based on mutual respect. While the teacher provides experiences for the child, the student must be an active participant in this process in order to learn. The child must accept a certain responsibility for his own education in order to develop higher thinking skills.

A teacher must communicate positively with parents and the community since we are all striving to achieve mutual goals-excellence in education, and the production of responsible citizens.

In today's society, the teacher must be a friend and set an example for students. He must broaden a student's knowledge for continuing education as well as set guidelines for the students. Finally, through hands-on learning experiences, the teacher can stimulate children to excel to their highest potential to become responsible citizens in society.