March 24, 2018, the Bergen County Association of School Administrators (BCASA) and public schools of Bergen County teamed up to host its second annual school job fair and on-site recruitment opportunity. The event was designed to bring prospective teaching candidates together with school districts in one location to find out more about the possibilities for employment. At the event, participants had the chance to visit different districts to find out more about their schools, available opportunities, and even sign up to be considered as a substitute, instructional aide or leave replacement teacher.

With over 670+ registered applicants and 36 participating districts, the event was a great success. An enormous THANK YOU goes out to everyone involved.

The districts of Bergen County are Equal Opportunity Employers and value diversity throughout our school communities.

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Registered Candidates: 670


This job fair was an awesome experience! I was able to meet with a lot of districts that I have applied to already and learn even more about them. Everyone was very welcoming and I feel that I really learned a lot!

All of the staff at the school, particularly the security guards, were extremely helpful upon arrival and departure. The room set up was easy to follow and allowed me to keep track of the districts I made contact with, which I appreciated.

Fantastic. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate and connect with some many districts.

This was my first county-based job fair. I appreciated the attitude the school districts brought to the event; even though they had likely seen hundreds of applicants before me, they succeeded in making me feel valuable. The human connection is so important in the field such as education! Thank you for organizing the event for both parties - employers and potential candidates.

This was my first Job Fair experience and I was very impressed and thought the process was smooth.


There’s no other way to meet the quality and quantity of candidates in such a short period of time. Definitely worth attending.

This is a golden opportunity to identify and prescreen candidates. You learn so much more about prospective candidates face to face, and you can almost guarantee some level of diversity in your candidate pool. You lose nothing by being here, but if you’re not here, you are missing out on quality, motivated candidates for anticipated openings, as well as unanticipated openings, paraprofessional openings, and potential substitute teachers.

You have the opportunity to conduct the first screening interview and make a determination if you desire to follow up with a candidate for a second interview and possibly a sample lesson. It saves you time.

Very simple you get to meet the people before the interview and you can decide if it’s a comfortable fit. If you just get a resume you don’t get the person behind it to ask questions it’s a pre-screening which is necessary . Also by waiting till the end of the year to interview potential candidates you’re limiting your pool to get the best Candidate available. This past year it happened to us and as a result it is not a good fit in several departments because we didn’t know at the time how many people we could hire and everybody has a job by the end of May beginning of June

Districts Registered: 36