Penguin Pals:

Digital Breakout

Today you are going to be a Penguin Pal and prove you know piles about Penguins! Check out this site to find facts (and clues) about penguins. Prove your penguin powers to solve the puzzles and be the Perfect Penguin Pal!

(How to play: You are playing an "Escape room" type game in which you have to solve codes to open digital locks in order to "escape." Fill in your codes in the Google Form below to check your answers.

Everything you need to solve these puzzles is already on this site.

Pro Tip: You may want paper to write out your ideas...)

You might want to click anything underlined! (Squak!)
That's a lot of P's!

Penguin: Friends, Food and Fun!

Hover over the Form and click the arrow in the upper right corner to open the form in a new window (allows you to save your answers while you are clicking on this page)

Where can you find a Penguin?

Penguins can be found in the blue shaded areas. While we tend to think of penguins living in cold areas, they are also found in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and even by the Equator in South America!