Map the Mitten!

Hello! My name is Oscar and I'm in third grade. I love exploring my home state of Michigan. I have traveled all over the state with my family. Everywhere I go I collect postcards! (Some people think I have too many!) I love that they show me pictures of where I've been and where I can go next. (The only thing is that I think I lost my family's tickets for our next adventure... hopefully I can find them before we leave on our next adventure!)

What I Love About Michigan!

By Oscar

Two Peninsulas

There is an Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan. They are connected by the Mackinac Bridge which crosses over the space that Lake Michigan and Lake Huron connect.

By SeaWiFS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, and ORBIMAGE; cropped and labeled by Beyond My Ken (talk) 05:49, 11 September 2012 (UTC) Source

The Great Lakes

Michigan is surrounded by 4 of the 5 Great Lakes. We also have many lakes and rivers. In the Upper Peninsula there are many waterfalls to explore. It also has the longest freshwater coastline (yeah for no sharks!)

Cool Cities

There are many different places you can visit in the state. Detroit is the largest city with lots of different food, culture and sports teams! (Let's go Red Wings!) Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor are known for their museums, arts and festivals. There are cultural places to visit: Frankenmuth has a strong German influence and Mackinac Island is like stepping into the past with the horse drawn carriages (no cars allowed) and old style charm. Or you can visit the state capital of Lansing and see how the Michigan government works.

Places to See and Visit!

By: Oscar

These are some of the neat places to visit when you are in Michigan. I haven't visited them all yet but they are on my list!

The "Mighty Mac" and International Bridges Project

By: Oscar & Group

(3rd Grade Group Project)

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Breakout Instructions: You are going to be playing a digital breakout (think of it as a digital escape room...) Use this site created by Oscar to find clues to help you answer the lock codes in the Google Form.

Everything you need to solve this breakout is on this site!

(You can look things up if you get stuck but you may get the wrong information for the clue if you do that...)

Good luck!