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I am sharing this information with all the WWSC members:

I received information thru the mail from the Secretary of State /State of Michigan:

The first message I received was that I could renew my license online and the second notice I received was that I had to make an appointment to go to a Secretary of State Office in person to renew my driver's license and to get a picture taken so you would have REAL ID. The REAL ID. is something new and you will need it to be able to fly beginning October 1, 2021.

The problem is this: The Secretary of State branches are backed up with an appointment

and it is August 2020 and the earliest appointment available is in December 2020. So, please if your

birthday is coming up in the near future (you can check your driver license for expiration date to see if

it your birthday date and the year 2020, please don't wait to make an appointment. The time to it is

now and keep checking online as much as possible to try and get an early appointment.

My first appointment was the end of November 2020 and my birthday is in September. I kept checking and I was able to get an appointment a week earlier in November. I checked this morning and I am able to get an appointment at one of the Secretary of State tomorrow. So keep checking.

Last, pass this information onto other members. Some members might already know about this situation and some members might now. Hope by sharing my experience with you it will help others.

Stay safe and healthy.

See you soon.



            • CALL FIRST TO SEE IF SOMEONE IS IN THE CENTER. The telephone number is (734) 419-2020, Call first to see if someone is in the center to answer your questions. Please keep in mind that the senior Dyer Center is closed on Friday until the middle of August.

            • The Dyer Senior Center is located at 36745 Marquette, Westland, Michigan between Wayne and Newburgh Rd. near Central City Parkway Monday thru Thursday. We are closed on Friday until the middle of August, so please call first before making a trip into the center.

            • No activities are scheduled at this time. Check back later for further information.

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Please stay safe and healthy until we can meet again and enjoy doing activities at WWSC.