Health and Fitness

Walla Walla County Fire District 5 maintains a high standard for physical fitness and health. All members are scheduled for medical physicals as needed to determine "fit-for-duty" status.

Members are only allowed to maintain structural qualification if the following physical agility test is completed quarterly within an acceptable time limit. This test is also used to determine entry level status for new employees.

Fire Fighter

Must complete in seven (7) minutes

All participants must wear Turn-Out Coat, helmet, gloves and SCBA during the Physical Agility Evaluation

A. Operate the elliptical machine for 3 minutes at level #3.

B. Shoulder carry 50 ft. bundle of 2 ½ hose up a flight of stairs drop the bundle, pick it up again and come down a separate flight of stairs to a designated location without stopping.

C. Lift a 50 ft. roll of 2 ½ hose from the ground with rope from a second-story window, hand over hand, pull through window and place hose bundle on floor.

D. Pull a 50ft. bundle of 2 ½ hose from the ground with rope, hand over hand, to a fixed anchor 2 ½ stories above the ground and then lower to ground without letting the rope slide through hands. Repeat.

E. Climb to the top and back down a 24' extension ladder.

F. Pull a weighted cart 50ft.

G. Drag a charged 1 ¾” hose 100 feet, stand in the designated area and spray water from nozzle.